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In the 'Gu'

As I am enjoying some time in between jobs; taking advantage of ‘La Dolce Farniente’ - I decided to check out the ‘Gu’. For those who have not been to Bali, you might not be familiar with this loving name for Canggu. Canggu is this cute little beach town where surfers, trendsetters, yogini’s, hippie chiques and all other walks of life come together with only one purpose – relax! So, I had to check it out myself for a couple of days and dive into the Gu’s way of life.

First stop is The Slow, on Batu Balong, walking distance from the beach (surf’s up) and quaint little stores, and my home for the next couple of days. The Slow is this slow-paced (go figure!) stylish, yet small hotel, where time literally comes to a halt or at least slows down; and with it its guests. We are at least trying!

Got myself a motorbike so I can move myself (and my surfboard) around the area. Surfing at Berawa Beach is the first things on the agenda (if there was any agenda to begin with). No visit to the Gu is complete without getting on a board and ride - and drown a little at the same time. So, when you lose half your bracelet stash, clean your intestines with saltwater, and your surfboard leash breaks – you know it’s been a good day!

After two days on the surfboard, I felt it was time to use some other muscles – so I got myself into a yoga class at ‘The Practice’ – got myself booked into a 90-minute Moon Hatha class – and now I want more of where that came from…and I am seriously thinking about taking at teacher training class – why not while I am contemplating my next career move!

So, when in Bali it is of course about food. So where to eat? The Slow has an amazing menu and great cocktails if you fancy something unique. If you want local food with too many variations for rice – go to Warung Varuna. You can take your pick from the many ‘masakan padang’ style Indo food choices and their tempeh goreng is just to die for! Roku and Milk & Madu are ‘all day breakfast’ eateries where you can just sit all day and watch Bali life go by and basically eat up a storm in healthy fares. The Madu Acai bowl will get your mouth watering and the Banana Peanut butter smoothie at Roku is just the best breakfast for champions after an early morning surf.

A trip to Bali is not complete without a little pampering. The Gu has plenty of choices for spa’s, so I opted for a couple of things: a massage and foot reflexology at Spring and a fancy mani/pedi at Jet Black Ginger. Got myself the best cutest nail art.

There is so much more to explore in and around Canggu. Go check out Bali Buddha for healthy products; they have the best home-made granola. If you are considering buying a surfboard, go see Studer at Batu Balong; here you can actually have your board custom-made in any colour and design your heart desires.

I think for now, in only the four days I had; I was able to decompress from work, do what I like to do the most (surfing and yoga) and eat good food!

I personally cannot wait to get back to the Gu in February. Sampai Jumpa Lagi!

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