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From Asia to Scandinavia - changing it up!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We all know that our taste changes over time; whether it relates to food, art, design, …(boy/girl)friends …. you know what I mean! I remember, before I moved to Asia, I wanted as much Asian decoration in my home; that is what I was drawn to. I would collect art and decoration pieces on my travels and no matter what the size, weight….they had to come with me. This style has stayed with me for a very long time.

Now, having lived in Singapore for more than seven years, my taste is changing. Maybe it had something to do with being cooped up in the house because of Covid restrictions, and I had time on my hands to rummage through my house, or maybe there is no reason at all... But all of a sudden, the Asian pieces I collected over the years did not look so appealing anymore. They felt out of place, cluttered my space, and they no longer represented how I wanted to live my life. It seems I have a renewed fondness for Scandinavian design and my European roots are popping out again. For me this style represents minimalism, simplicity and functionality – and that is all right up my alley. So….out with the old, and in with the new (within reason and budget). Investing in quality over quantity is the new motto!

So, where to start? Where can I find great Scandinavian design here in Singapore? And I do know IKEA! I am drawn to this clean no clutter style and I am looking for unique pieces of furniture and decoration that will make a statement in my home. While I started my quest for minimalism I stumbled upon the Danish Design Store. Tucked in Century warehouse, at 100E Pasir Panjang Road ( . They represent many Scandinavian brands and their pieces are hand-picked and worth the splurge. One of my latest and most recent purchases is the Beetle chair by Gubi. What I love about these (dining) chairs is that they have a slight mid-century feel to them; with graceful modern lines. Especially when you get them upholstered in racing green velvet! LOVE!! The other piece I decided to invest in is the Swoon arm chair by Space Copenhagen. The Swoon is a nice mix between a conventional lounge chair and your typical armchair. A great chair to relax in. You can get them with our without footstool. Again, pick velvet for your upholstering – they have dozen colours to choose from – it makes all the difference and it looks so cozy!

Another great place to find Scandinavian design is the Finnish Design Shop ( They have tons of great brands available so you will be able to find your own piece of Scandinavian happiness! Some of my favorite Scandinavian brands for you to explore are HAY, Ferm Living and Muuto.

And last, but not least is BoConcept ( This lifestyle shop has Scandinavian inspired contemporary furniture and designs. You can find them at Paragon Shopping Mall for our readers in Singapore, but they have about 300 stores in over 60 countries - so I am sure there is one close by to our readers. I fell in love with their Cupertino desk. This desk has great storage space that is hidden away, so you will never have a cluttered desk - just toss it all under the hood!!

There are great shops and websites to explore to quench your appetite for anything Scandinavian. And yes that also includes Swedish meatballs if that's what you fancy. The furniture and designs are a bit of an investment, but most of these pieces will last you a lifetime. So purchase wisely!

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