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We love to write about new places we visit, but what about the city we live in? Living in Singapore gives choice. Choice to do a quick weekend getaway to tropical destinations, choice to explore what this great nation has to offer; in particular where and what to eat.

Singapore is such an intriguing mix of western and Asian culture, packed within only about 700 square kilometres. One of the things people love to do in Singapore is eat. The food scene here is vibrant, and sustainable and the ethnic mix really reflects the diverse population. The Singapore food scene, provides a ‘fusion’ of the best influences from all corners of the world. It is seen as a true celebration of the thriving culture in the country. Eating takes up a large part of our lives here. Whether we get some Laksa or Chicken Rice from a local hawker center, or we want to explore new restaurants this city has to offer. There is never a lack of places to go to fill our stomachs.

We use our weekends to explore new places for lunch, brunch or dinner. Our latest find its The Butcher’s Wife, located in trendy Tiong Bahru. The Butcher’s wife is a cosy backstreet bistro that serves great food, based on modern European flavors. And ...surprise surprise the entire menu is gluten free!

The Bloody Mary we started off with was to die for; it had that extra little oomph from the lemon they used. Their wine list has a nice choice of both old- and new world wines, so you will be able to find a wine to quench your ‘wine’ thirst and/or complements your meal, We went for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and an Italian Valpollicella (cannot go wrong with those ☺)

We decided to try their snacks for a little munch while we were waiting for our main course – we opted for their focaccia with caramelized onions, tomatoes and basil, and the tapioca and mozzarella bread that came with roselle and lemon salsa verde. These two snacks where just heavenly and left us not only in awe but also excited for our main courses. For our main courses we tried a mix of what was on their brunch menu and their a la carte menu: the grilled black onyx shoulder steak, cooked to perfection, with triple cooked chips and bearnaise sauce (Yum!!), the organic poached egg with house cured salmon, presented on a bed of sweet potato rosti complemented with feta, tomato sambal and avocado.

Not only was the food amazing, the service was impeccable, from the wait staff up to the restaurant manager. For those who eat regularly in the Garden City know that service can be sometimes wanting, so having engaging service where they know their stuff is sometimes as important as the food itself.

Go check out The Butcher’s Wife when you are in town and in the area. It is worth the visit and the extra calories!

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