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The Legian, Seminyak, Bali - 5*

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The Legian, Seminyak, Bali - 5*

Stayed - 6 nights from 13th Nov 2018

Room and Type - Suite 425 - Deluxe One Bedroom Suite, 2nd floor of right wing

Views? Excellent beach and garden views

Hint - Ask for this room as it is away from the pool and restaurants, so very peaceful on your (over-sized) balcony. Suits single, couples and a small family (2 adults and 1 child).

Wow factor - the bathrooms are bigger than most standard hotel rooms, 5 star hotels included.

Special treat - daily afternoon tea and live jazz band by the pool

Who with? Solo this time, although caught up with some great friends.

Would I stay here again? The Best of the Best, nearly perfect! Triple thumbs up!

The Legian Seminyak, Bali - Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Phone +62 361 730 622

Experience Canggu outing on Legian Vespers via Mr Ripley with Lunch at Bungalow Living:

I’ve been lucky coming to The Legian since it opened (gulp) 22 years ago, it never fails to live up to its global reputation as one of Bali’s finest - sure there are more luxe options these days (at eye-wateringly luxe prices), but for superlative and discreet service, the amazing, breathtaking location with daily sunset views from all rooms, huge suites, it just gets better with age. Sounds corny but I always have that Ahhhh moment on arrival, I’m home! Then a voice says welcome home Bapa, the irony!

Breakfast of Soto Ayam (chicken and veg soup - add a squeeze of lime instead of sambal if you are not a spice lover) or alternate mornings Soto Sapi (beef soup) and a cup (or two) of excellent coffee. Awesome. There is also an a-la-carte menu of eggs and all the normal trimmings but I like my Indonesian fare :)

Morning beach walks are normally the daily ritual but on this trip I was recovering from a broken foot, so I looked at it instead :)

The Spa @ The Legian (a deserved member of Luxury Spas of the world) is a haven away from the sun, sand and food temptations. They normally have a great deal - on this trip it was 90 minute treatment for the price of 60 minutes. I recommend pre-booking on arrival or even at time of booking during peak season, no need in the lower seasons. One of the BEST therapists is Budhi, tiny lady but if you know the Balinese, vey strong. I always ask for her, her technique is slightly different and no matter how many knots in my back or neck, after a couple of days Budhi has them gone.

No trip into Seminyak is complete without a look see at the Bali Boat Shed. Retail Therapy for him and her. Great, interesting t-shirts, beach wear and collared shirts. As they have some unique pieces sometimes sizing is an issue, but well worth having a look. They mainly cater now to woman, which is a shame #metoo, but it’s still a decent selection at the darker end of the store. Upstairs the Neon Palms cafe is a must try as well, especially for breakfast or lunch - haven’t tried dinner but I’m sure equally delicious.

Scooters in Bali are easy to hire and relatively cheap at about $5-7 per day, but if you are staying at The Legian, treat yourself to once of their eye catching Black Vespers, at 200k IDR per day, a bit on the pricey side but at least you’ll be able to identify yours in a sea of Scoopy’s.

I hired one just for a day, as it was a quick trip (6days) I didn’t want to spend much time out of the hotel, but I scooted out to Canggu and did a pit stop at echo beach before heading back towards Seminyak, stopping at Bungalow Living for lunch, think real hand grown tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes, fresh chicken off the bone. I opted for a delicious Chicken Baguette (with those aforementioned tomatoes) superb! So big I couldn’t finish it, rounded that off with a Ginger, Mint and Lime refreshing drink and then started the trip back to The Legian.

Bungalow Living - Jl. Raya Pantai Berowa No 35, Canggu, Phone +62 361 844 6567

One thing I love about Bali, no matter how many times you come here there is always something different. I spotted this shiny boutique as I was scooting out of Seminyak, and decided to take a closer look on the way back - glad I did. Listen to this fellas, this boutique is for us, and us only, although I’m sure the ladies would love the shop design, very Nordic. 2 Aussie brothers have set up shop (from May 2018), called Mr Ripley. One brother is the designer (of the clothes and shop fitout) the other is the “people person”. Their designs are great, but it’s the attention to detail of their clothing that really stands out. Most cottons and linens are Italian - their swim shorts are lined in actually comfortable (and supportive) lining :) so forget those uncomfortable days of wet/dry, wet/dry and what that does to your groin area and say welcome to comfortable guys swim wear, hoo-ray.

Their style is classic and will definitely transfer home, not the normal guys WIB stores (When In Bali). I really think they should invest some time designing some complimentary footwear, would be an amazing addition to their comprehensive range of menswear. Guys, get out there and support them, they’re a new brand and the eye for detail will have you coming back for sure. Everything is handmade on the island, the materials are imported. 

Mr Ripley - Jl. Petitenget No 98a, Phone +62 361 934 3125

Lastly, a trip to Seminyak in my opinion is pointless without a meal at a Seminyak institution - La Lucciola. I honestly don’t know how long La Luch (affectionate nick-name) has been around but from memory as long as The Legian. A short walk along the beach from the hotel, it’s a Bali treasure and one of the few beach-front joints I always go back too. For those in the know, it did go down hill for a while, but now with a new executive chef (and owners - I think) it is again among the best. I’ve been there for Breakfast, for Lunch and for Dinner (would recommend reservations) and they all offer something different. If you are there for breakfast or Dinner, book a lower level outside table at the front (actually say that when booking), if there for lunch, book a balcony table on the first floor, at the railing (cooler during the day), sit back and enjoy! Everything on their menu is delicious. 

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